Festival del cinema nuovo - X Edizione - 19, 20, 21 e 22 Ottobre 2016

Description of the event

name of the event

Festival del Cinema Nuovo di Gorgonzola (Milano), biennial event, 10th edition.

promoting subject

Board of the festival is constitued by: Major of Gorgonzola (Milano), Dr. Romeo Della Bella (Artistic Director and Coordinator), ANFFAS “Martesana” Onlus (Italian Association for families of people with intellectual and/or emotional disabilities), “Il Sorriso” Social Cooperative (Administrative Coordinator).

time and location of the event

The Festival will be held in Gorgonzola (Milano) at “Teatro Argentia” on 19, 20, 21, 22 October 2016.

subject of the event

The “Festival of Cinema Nuovo” is an international contest of short movies starring disabled people living in daily centers and residential communities.
Movies from all over the world have applied to the previous edition of the Festival (Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Libya, Morocco, Ghana, Congo, Niger, Canada, Argentina, Dominican Republic, China, etc...).

aim of the event

  1. Promoting filming activities of disabled living in residential and daily communities; making disabled people protagonist and showing how much they are alive and able to perform.
  2. Using the filming activities to give disabled people the chance to prove that they are truly “differently able”.
  3. Promoting and developing the social culture of the disabilities through new integration proposals.

significance of the event

Promoting social and cultural experiences in international environments, using innovative technique and methodologies.

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